Individual / Family Participation

If you and your family or group of friends would like to participate in this year’s race please follow the simple steps listed below:

Prior to Race Day

Begin Building your Boat – Cardboard sheets are available at the Crystal Lake Park District Maintenance Garage located in the parking lot at Main Beach all year. See links below for rules of construction and sample boat designs. You are free to allow your creativity to construct a boat of the theme, size and design of your choice, just so long as you don’t violate any of the rules of construction found in the rules and registration form below.  BOAT PLANS AND DIRECTIONS.

Select the appropriate participation class in which you would like to compete:

  • Class A – Paddle/Oar powered (One to Ten people)
  • Class B – Mechanical Powered (peddle, etc)
  • Class C – Sail Powered
  • Class D – Kwiki Boat – $30 on Race Day (Built on race day with provided special kit, Paddle/Oar powered)
  • Class K – Kiddie Cup, Ages 5 to 10 (Paddle/Oar powered)
  • Geezer Cup – Participants 50 years and older (Paddle/Oar powered)


Pre-registration prior to June 10th Online: $20.00
Registration after June 11th: $25.00

Print and Complete a HOLD HARMLESS WAIVER for Each Individual who will be participating in the Regatta on the day of the event. Please note that a parent or guardian must sign the hold harmless waiver for minors who wish to compete in the event. These can all be brought on the day of the event by the group leader.

On Race Day

Register Your Boat at the Boat Launch area located at the north end of Main Beach in Crystal Lake. Registration begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:00 am. Here, you will turn in your registration form, payment and hold harmless waivers for all participants in your boat.  Once registered your boat will be given a race number and will need to be inspected by our technical inspectors to insure that the construction follows the rules and all safety rules have been followed.

Heat Order with Start Times will be Posted at Noon. Bring your boat to staging area 5 minutes before your assigned time.

When your Number is Called by the Announcer, Proceed to the Start Line With Your Boat and Crew. Life jackets and paddles will be provided if you do not have any. Life Jackets MUST be worn by all participants at all times during the competition.

Celebrate with your friends and family!

For more information see “Rules and Regulations” below:

For more information see RULES

Volunteer for the Day or on a Committee

Race Day – this is the perfect event for group to help and volunteer for your community.  Scout Troops, High School Students, Business teams, booster clubs, community service projects, etc.  Many hands make less work.  Come and enjoy a day at the beach and support your community.

We are also looking for individuals who would be interested in preserving this McHenry County tradition by serving on our planning committee.  This organization and event is completely volunteer driven and we need your help.  If interested please complete this VOLUNTEER FORM or email